5 Signs You’ve Made the Wrong Hire

You’ve examined their CV, you’ve had an interview or two, you’ve asked the right questions so you’re sure you’ve hired the right candidate – only to be let down once they are hired.

This happens more in business than you may think. Here are five indications that your newest recruit may soon be walking out of the door.

1.  They’re making the same errors again and again

Settling into a new environment takes time and most employers are lenient at the start. But if they told you that they were a ‘quick learner’ and yet can’t even get the company name right in a sales call a week or so after they were hired, now might be the time to worry.

2.  Enthusiasm wanes quickly

Every new employee should be enthusiastic about their new role. It’s a fresh start, a chance to impress and a new way of working. Therefore it’s a seriously bad sign if your new employee is complaining about the tasks you have given them. It can suggest that the work is ‘below them’ or are wishing they didn’t take on the role – and this may be just the first week. Imagine how much worse things will get when they have been in the role for a few months and the workload starts to build up further.

3.  The ‘bare minimum’ is enough

It’s great to see your new employee doing everything in their power to impress you, however some may be the complete opposite. They turn up at 9 and head out one second past 5 and try to avoid taking on extra responsibilities. Ask yourself, “Is such a person really bothered about impressing you or staying around at your company?”

4.  They cause friction with other colleagues

Everyone may have disagreements with colleagues, it’s natural. However, if your new employee is starting a war over nothing instead of fitting in and bonding well with co-workers, you’ll need to keep an eye on the situation and take action if required.

5.  They’re scouring job boards during work hours

Nobody would be stupid enough to search for jobs using your company’s office computers when they should be working for you should they? Well not unless they’re desperate to move over that greener grass. If you spot employees doing this I recommend a fact finding meeting immediately.

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