6 ways to keep your candidates engaged

Sourcing the right candidates to join your company is an important process, regardless of whether you are an established company or a growing one. However, the recruitment process can take weeks, maybe months so how can you ensure that candidates are kept happy?

Here’s 6 ways to keep candidates engaged.

1.  Understand their reasons for wanting to move

A candidate may still be in employment when they apply for your role so make sure you understand exactly what their reasons are for wanting to leave their current employment. You can then explain how joining your company would be beneficial for them.

2.  Build a relationship with all candidates

You may only have one position to fill in your company but it is still important to build a good relationship with every candidate you bring in for an interview. Keep details of unsuccessful but talented candidates in case you have similar positions in the future. Do this and you’ll have a ready-made talent pool to choose from, thus reducing your costs and time to employ again.

3.  Provide constructive feedback

Nothing will disengage a candidate more than proving little or no feedback. If your honest about the areas they need to improve then you will build a stronger relationship.

It’s never easy giving negative feedback, but when you do make sure that you talk about candidates’ strengths to give them a burst of positivity, whilst having something to work on.

4.  Be easily contactable

This sounds easy right? It’s amazing how many people are difficult to get in touch with. Make sure you respond to emails and telephone calls in a timely manner and be thorough with your responses. This creates a positive impression of not just yourself but the company too, as you look organized and interested.

5.  Give candidates the right information

Upon first contact with a candidate you need to send them a full job description as they have probably only seen a job advert at this point. A full job description will give them a detailed overview of their daily tasks and projects.

Remember that you need to sell your role to them too- recruitment is a two-way process. Give them details of the benefits they will receive and explain how the role has come about.

6.  Make candidates feel at ease

Every candidate will feel nervous going through the recruitment process. They want to make a good first impression, articulate their thoughts well and prove to you they can do the job. Therefore, to get the best out of an interview you need to make them feel at ease. Be professional at all times and talk to them in a relaxed manner.

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