SAAS: The next Frontier

In today’s plugged in, research savvy, high tech buying environment being in SaaS is like being the 007 of the 21st century. Everything is technological and those who understand the language of software will be working as interpreters and translators of the new language they will be the high priests of the new religion! Is there a better way to make a contribution and to earn a living? You will be converting the consumers, governments, business people from the way things used to be done in the past to the way they need to be done now and for the future. And you will be managing that transition process and getting paid for it, in cash and perks.
Since all human beings look to their own interests first, getting involved in the SaaS services space is a source of unlimited earning capacity because of the product itself and the modern economy. Had a look at the Forbes lists recently? A lot of the business interests represented there are tech companies that offer SaaS products. From Microsoft to Oracle to Dell and it is not just the founders of those companies that are well heeled, their employees are also well heeled. For example, there are more millionaires in Microsoft than there are in the NBA! So get ready for an exciting career in a high growth industry with unlimited potential access to the whole wide world. And you, will be making a tidy sum along the way.
SaaS is a product that customers already know they need and that they want. The customer lives in an environment that is saturated with it and it has been clearly proven that SaaS helps to save money, to improve revenue, to improve business performance, to monitor customer behaviour e.t.c. So the customer already wants to own the product and he needs you to help him understand it and how it will work out for him and his organization. And you swoop in and save the day!
All market trends for the foreseeable future point to SaaS as a growth space. For example, in some niches the initial sale makes up about 5% – 30% of the total profit margin while the remain ing 70% comes from renewed subscriptions, free upgrades, onsite training, upsells and expert service calls on the customer. This means selling the product is just the beginning, there is more to come!
Remember you are offering the benefits of ownership without the responsibilities of ownership and this alone is a winning proposition in the marketplace. You have already saved the customer the trouble of installing and maintaining the software, all she has to do is access it and your product is managing access, performance, availability and security e.t.c. All the customer needs is an internet connection.
Technology predictions have it that SaaS is the next wave, the third wave actually in the information age that we live in and most organizations are leaping to develop SaaS integration platforms to make additional SaaS applications. They will be needing guidance and expert help to navigate this territory with the best chances of success, they will need you!

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