5 Reasons why Software sales career is the best

When you mention sales, too many people have a negative mental image of what that actually entails. Cold calling, chasing down minor leads and struggling to meet commission deadlines are common misconceptions about sales roles. Of course, the most successful sales people know that there is much more to sales than that. Only in the software sales arena do you get to fully show just how demanding, rewarding, and skillful sales can be. So, what are the top 5 reasons why software sales is the best type of sales job?
1. Revolutionise another business
Only in software sales do you have the opportunity to make a real difference to a company. You are presented with the opportunity to transform a business from a local level into an international retailer just by highlighting to them the software that not only meets their requirements, but exceeds them and grows with them as they grow as a business. Selling someone a new mobile phone may feel great for a day, but transforming an entire organisation feels great for a lot longer. You could be personally responsible for the generation of the next FTSE 100 company via effective sales. That doesn’t really compare to selling a new mobile phone does it?

2. Every day is different
People all too often think every day is different in any sales job, but they’re wrong. Software sales is truly different every day. Each customer has a different requirement, and we don’t just mean the minor differences you find in other sales roles. These differences can be anything from thousands of pounds worth of difference in budgets between one customer and the next, to the number of users the software is to be used by. You’re unlikely to find a more versatile sales job, or to hear anyone say that software sales is boring.

3. Relationships are made and maintained
Make a sale, move onto the next customer. Make a sale, move onto the next customer. Make a sale, move onto the next customer. Sales is often a never ending machine of pretending to care to make a sale, before moving onto the next customer. Except in software sales. Making a sale means making a relationship with the client, and maintaining that relationship for the long term. You’re not making a sale, you’re making a new friend who will trust you and make sure no little detail gets in between implementing the software that you personally recommend. Stepping off the never ending sales train can be the most rewarding step ever taken within your career.

4. Job security
Nobody likes to think that they may be made redundant, but it’s a fact of life. Software sales people are often the most resilient careers. If a company starts seeing a downturn in profits, and looks for ways to secure their financials, they often look at replacing their own staff with computerized functionality. Hence, the software sales person can actually make more money during a recession. Tightening the purse strings for your clients can actually mean more sales for the best sales people.

5. Career for life
Ever seen a successful sales person in their 50’s? There’s not many of them, as too many sales roles are considered to be a “young person’s game”. Not so in software sales. If you enjoy sales, why shouldn’t it be your entire career? Why should you feel pressured to move to a new career in your late 30’s? Software sales has no perceived age limit. 50 year old software sales agents can be just as successful as 20 year olds, sometimes even more successful as they have the experience of implementing solutions with a verifiable track record. Why enter a sales role knowing that there is a limit at which you’ll be considered past it?

Anyone can learn to become a sales person, but only the most talented people go into software sales as it demands passion, skill and dedication.

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