The booming “Cloud”

Currently there are well over 14 billion devices connected to the internet. The size of Digital Universe is 4.4 trillion gigabytes. All this is growing exponentially.
By 2020, it is estimated that the Digital Universe will cross 44 trillion gigabytes. Even the change is becoming rapid.
The software industry, which once saw the danger of stagnating, once again stands tall and gigantically growing. Enter SaaS technology.
Using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, we redefined the way computers are treated and used. The applications no longer stay in remote devices. With increased broadband penetration and technology reaching across all geographies, Cloud Computing is the new baby. A baby with a huge growth potential.
With millions of new softwares coming up, with heavy device requirements, the high machine prices do not have to be faced any longer by users. A central server providing the service across all platforms, built using technologies ancient to the software.
Advantages of SaaS:

1. It offers greater flexibility of pricing and usage. Content can be freemium, subscription based, usage based, and can even be dynamically changed according to user base.

2. Any flaw or bug can be corrected which percolates to all users. Re-distribution of the software has been dealt with.

3. It is the thing of now. It’s become a common delivery model for latest technologies and business applications like virtualisation, accounting, CRM, MIS, and is the thinking point of all premier software enterprises.

4. Ease of distribution. SaaS is not distributed physically. It is instantaneous and highly economic. This is the reason that many traditional players are pushing into the SaaS market.

5. Extremely high adoption rate: SaaS can be used at anytime, from anywhere, at any place. The learning curve for software has reduced heavily, as people use internet to find what they need.

6. Ease of updation. Since it has only one version, the one centrally located, it can be updated more frequently and at the will of the developer.7. Security. With more information comes more privacy threats. Cloud computing makes sure users have access to their data all the time irrespective of lost devices, device changes.
SaaS, for a good reason, is the technology of tomorrow. It is a booming model whose demand is far higher than the available supplies right now.
Why is it so popular? Besides all the advantages cited above, SaaS heavily reduces customer acquisition costs and simplifies deployment. It favors multitenancy, whereby multiple customers can be supported with a single version of a product. The scalability is fast, as well as efficient. Practically all organisations now have their HR and CRM applications based on SaaS technology.
What do we offer SaaS people? A challenge to work with a booming industry and watch it scale mammoth heights. As SaaS grows and the demand increases evermore, the people involved will be wooed over by big players, all trying to make a mark. A potential to reach a billion people across the world, and even more in the coming years will leave the SaaS people as one of the most sought-after and powerful men in the industry.
Come, be a part of a revolution!

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