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Hiring for attitude or skills?

"Hire for attitude, train for skills". When recruiting for a job it is crucial to not only identify what skills are needed to do the job, day to day tasks and to create a job specification; ask why is this job important to your team, company and business plan, where do they fit in the current team, what soft qualities would help bring the team forward, what can be trained on the job and what skills must be instantly available. I've linked to two articles, one that focuses on why attitude is so important especially within the smaller company and one that says recruiting for skills is critical for innovation. I often recruit for small software companies where small teams but big innovation go hand in hand. We sit down and talk through what is critical for the position and for the successful candidate. Needing the right attitude with a core of essential skills is often the answer and it means the recruitment process is longer,…

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6 ways to keep your candidates engaged

Sourcing the right candidates to join your company is an important process, regardless of whether you are an established company or a growing…

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5 Signs You’ve Made the Wrong Hire

You’ve examined their CV, you’ve had an interview or two, you’ve asked the right questions so you’re sure you’ve hired the right candidate…

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Why do companies take so long to recruit new staff?

Although the unemployment rate is falling it is still at 6.5% and many companies are still operating with fewer staff than they need.…

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